Introducing: Simple Essentials

I have always loved thrift shopping, and purchase items for our home or closets secondhand if possible. Repurposing gently-used items that still have a lot of life left in them is an excellent thing to do in my opinion - it reduces waste, saves you money, and supports local businesses that often give back to the community through charity or jobs.

I discovered the wonderful world of virtual consignment and thrift shopping through Instagram, where individuals essentially go thrift shopping, select and curate items according to their particular style and audience, and then resell them. These accounts also provide a valuable service: time. It takes time to search through shelves and racks of mismatched items, research them and their worth, and photograph/post/market everything. It's also great for folks who don't have thrift stores nearby, as many of them offer shipping. It's so fun looking through all of the treasures people find!

I did a little research on whether reselling is an ethical practice, and I believe it is. It turns out that most thrift stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army only put out a small percentage of the items they get on the shelves, and the rest is discarded or donated. And, unless someone buys out a whole section of locally-needed items like children's shoes or winter coats, it doesn't have much of a negative impact on the local community.

While I have really enjoyed browsing thrift and vintage accounts on Instagram, I didn't find any that matched our style particularly well. I like simple, useful, timeless items in neutral colors (white, wood, and glass in particular). So, I decided to take a crack at it myself.

I started Simple Essentials for a few reasons:

  1. I saw an opportunity for a space that would be unique to the online thrifting community. I wanted to create a specific aesthetic with affordable, timeless items that I would be willing to put in my own home.

  2. I often purchase things from thrift stores that I intend to keep, but they end up not fitting me (clothing) or our space (kitchen/decor/etc.) as well as I had hoped. I thought this would be a creative way to share those items that I love but don't have the space or use for.

  3. I love curating beautiful things! Creative hobbies have helped me survive the last year, and this really sparked my interest and creative side.

  4. I love the idea of forming a community where I can help bring beautiful and useful things into other's lives.

I'm not sure where this little space is headed, if anywhere at all. And that's ok with me. Sometimes the process of creating something ends up giving more than anything you get in return.

If you are interested in sharing this space with me, the shop is now live. I plan to drop new collections on a semi-weekly basis. You can follow along here or subscribe below for updates!

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