Our Favorite Dog Supplies

We treat dogs like people in our house. We often move off of the couch to make sure they have enough space, and we keep a fluffy blanket on every surface they might want to lay on. Below is a list of pet supplies that we and our dogs, May and Angus, love and use every day, some of our fellow dog lovers' favorites, and some items that we are keeping in mind for the future.

Beds & Blankets

  1. Dog Bed from L. L. Bean: We inherited this one from my grandmother's dog, so it's been in use for quite a while and has held up beautifully. It has a foam interior and sturdy canvas cover. They sell replacement covers and foam inserts, too. It gives the dogs lots of room to stretch out!

  2. Dog Bed from Tuft & Needle: While we don't own this one, we love the sleek and comfy look of it. When we are in the market for a new dog bed, we are going to give this one a try.

  3. Quilted Dog Crate Mat: My cousin recently purchased this for her new dog, Bailey. Here is what she had to say about it: "We actually use this as her dog bed at the foot of ours. She likes it so much and prefers it to this expensive one I got. It's really light and folds up - we can bring it in the car, too."

  4. Faux Fur Blanket: We keep one of these on all of the "dog-friendly" surfaces: couch, chair, bed, dog beds, etc. Are they made specifically for dogs? No. Did they start out as blankets to only be used by people? Yes. But, like most things in our house, they are now used by the dogs. Do we now have five of them? Yes.

  5. Serta Dog Bed: My mom and sister have these at their houses, and the dogs love them.

  6. Orvis Bolster Dog Bed: My sister has this one on her wish list. Her dog, Rosie, likes to rest her head on something when she's laying down. The bolstered sides are perfect for that.


  1. Personalized Collar & Leash: We will forever and always get these collars for our dogs. We have tried dog tags many times, and they always fall off (usually from accidentally clipping the leash onto the key ring instead of the collar itself). You can personalize these collars with your dog's name and your number so that they will always have your contact information if they happen to get away from you. They are also adjustable and come in a variety of colors, and there are other style options as well. We have used the matching leashes as well, which are great.

  2. Harness: We got these harnesses to help with Angus and May's pulling, they have helped a ton. There are two spots where you can clip on a leash, either on their back or chest. The back clip cinches them a bit when the pull, and the chest clip causes them to turn to the side when the pull.

  3. Rope Dog Leash: Cary wanted a leash that was a bit more comfortable to hold, so we tried these and they have been great. They are heavy duty and have a little bit of springy-ness.

  4. Collar & Leash Kit: Another purchase by my cousin for her new pup: "Wild One has chic and simple dog accessories. Nice for a new dog owner, because this kit comes with the collar, leash, poop bag holder, and dog tags! They are easy to clean and we get so many compliments."

  5. Travel Water Bottle: We have a different kind of dog water bottle, but it drips all over the place if it tips over. My cousin got this one and I've seen it in action - it works well and looks nice, too. We will be getting one soon!

  6. Biodegradable Poop Bags: We have tried to reduce our plastic use over the last few years, and because we go through so many poop bags each week, we wanted a biodegradable option. We've had good luck with these, but there are a ton of options online.

  7. Poop Bag Holder: We don't have a holder for our poop bags, but I think we might get one of these soon. Our current system is to have them piled up on the entryway console, which isn't very efficient or nice to look at.

  8. Treat Pod: This nifty little thing clips onto your leash so you can take training treats on walks without stinking up your pockets.

  9. Clip-on Lights: These are amazing for night-time walks. They clip onto our dogs' collars so they can be seen more easily by cars. We got them back when we lived in PA and didn't have sidewalks to walk on. They also have a few different settings (solid light, blinking, etc.) for even more visilibity.

Food & Storage

  1. Dog Bowl Stand: We got this bowl stand because we wanted something simple, streamlined, and functional. I also like that it comes with white metal bowls (but it comes in a variety of colors).

  2. Floor Mat: We keep silicone mats under the bowl stands to catch drips, stray food, etc. It's a must!

  3. Storage Can: We like this no-frills small metal trash can for storing our dry dog food.

  4. Wet Food Can Cover: I remember the days of covering our opened canned dog food with foil or plastic wrap... these silicone covers are a much better option. Cheap, easy to clean, and so much less frustrating!

Toys & Toy Storage

  1. Plush Toy: These are actually toy from Ikea meant for children, but May loves them. She also has the panda, pig, and orangutan. They are affordable and super cute.

  2. Hide-and-seek Toy: These are Angus's favorite toys. He loves the small squeaky animals on their own, but he also enjoys pulling them out of the vessel you can stuff them in. They come in a variety of themes - we also have a banana with monkeys, an iceberg with penguins, and a log with chipmunks.

  3. Nylabone: These classic bones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. They are better than rawhide, last a long time, and great for healthy teeth and gums.

  4. Bam-bones: This is my sister's dog, Rosie's, favorite. She can hold onto it with her paws easily as she's chewing.

  5. Kong: Kong has a variety of interactive toys for dogs. You can stuff this one with peanut butter, and if you put it in the freezer it lasts even longer!

  6. Metal Toy Basket: We have tried cute wicker baskets for our dog toys, but our dogs sometimes mistake the basket itself for a chew toy. We got a black metal one from TJ Maxx, but this is a similar one. It looks cute and isn't easy to ruin via chewing.


  1. Mane 'n Tail Shampoo: We use this to wash the dogs. It has a nice clean, fresh smell without being too smelly.

  2. Lint Roller: Somehow, we always misplace our lint rollers. I like that this one has a designated box with refills (and I'm a sucker for white accessories)

  3. Robot Vacuum: I never knew the feeling of waking up to a clean house each morning before we had a robot vacuum. We were very skeptical about buying a robot anything for our house, but this thing has changed our lives. We have it set to go off at 2:00 am every day, and when we come downstairs each morning the floor is dog hair-free. Every night we make sure the floor is free of toys, cords, or anything else the robot could get stuck on, so it also helps us keep things tidy. You do have to empty it daily and give it a good cleaning once in a while, but it is SO WORTH IT.

  4. Handheld Vacuum: I use this guy a ton for small vacuum jobs around the house. I vacuum dog hair off of the couch, bed, stairs, etc. It's really great for supplemental vacuuming, and it's light and easy to use. It also comes with a dog hair attachment!

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