Sarah Lyons [creator · curator]

Sarah earned her PhD from Cornell in animal science in 2019, and is currently a postdoctoral scholar in soil science. She also enjoys photography and making crochet animals. She lives with her husband, Cary, and their two dogs, May and Angus, in a charming townhouse in Arlington, VA. She continually works towards her ideal life, including being a better friend, partner, and member of society, and building a home that supports community, happiness, creativity, and calmness.

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Sue Lyons [wellness · life advice]

Sue grew up in New Jersey and now runs a summer camp in Western North Carolina. She is a powerhouse of positivity and light, and often bestows her wisdom and advice on her two daughters, Sarah and Emma. Some of her wise words can be found in the Mom Advice series on the blog.

Emma Lyons [style · fashion]

Always up on the current trends, Emma is definitely the most fashion-savvy member of the family. Her mom, Sue, and sister, Sarah, often turn to her for fashion and style advice. Emma currently works for a small insurance firm in Charlotte, NC, and lives in a cute apartment with her best friend, August, and yellow Labrador, Rosie.

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Cary Fontana [travel · food and drink]

When he isn't working as an asylum officer in Arlington, VA, Cary is experimenting with interesting liquors from around the world and formulating new cocktail recipes. He also thoroughly enjoys making the most out of his Cook's Illustrated subscription, and being an amazing husband to Sarah and pup dad to May and Angus.

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